The origins of coffee

By Noah O'Donnell | origins of coffee

Sep 28

Coffee comes from Ethiopia. The first traces will lead you there. In the 15th century, there has been some evidence that people in Yemen drunk coffee. Today, coffee comes in various forms, from espresso to coffee in sweets! Coffee is great for you, as it stimulated the heart. Of course, the key to good health is moderation, so the same thing goes for coffee. A cup or two is enough for a normal and healthy body. Coffee is drunk in almost every part of the world, so there are endless options for flavour and mixes that you’ll love.

The coffee and cultural impact

Coffee is a part of our lives. You can’t imagine a day without it. If you want to talk to your friend or take someone out, the first thing you will do is grab a cup of coffee. If you have a date, the first thing you will do is grab a cup of coffee. If you meet someone or you want to get to know someone, you will ask them out and buy them coffee. As you can see, coffee plays a big part in our lives, and we consume it regularly.

Additions to Coffee

For those who like to try new flavours, coffee can be mixed with many other things. Mocha mixes coffee with chocolate, and there are countless syrups that add a taste of hazelnut, caramel or vanilla that can spice things up.

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