Health benefits of coffee

By Noah O'Donnell | Health benefits

Sep 21

Coffee can help you with weight

Coffee will increase your metabolism by 15% more – it’s great to drink this before a workout to increase the calories you burn. What’s more, it’s a great energiser for when you need the motivation to get up and go!


Coffee is known to increase you intellectual and physical performance. It is a known fact that caffeine will make sure that you are fully energized and ready to go. You will think faster and move faster. Your brain will work faster, and when thinking faster, you will be able to be productive.


There are some vital nutrients that can be found in coffee – B3, B2, B5, magnesium, and potassium to name just a few. So when you drink coffee, you are putting some important vitamins and minerals in your system. Keep in mind that drinking too much coffee will have negative effects as with everything.

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