The Best Types Of Coffee

By Noah O'Donnell | Coffee types

Oct 05


This type of coffee is prepared with espresso and with added steamed milk. It has thin foam, and it is rich with taste. It is one of the common types of coffee you can drink in a café.

Cafe au lait

This type of coffee is also very popular. It is made with drip coffee and a little steamed milk.

Americano coffee

This type of coffee is just espresso coffee with water. One third is coffee, and the rest is hot water. This type of coffee is good if you like the taste of pure coffee.

Flat white

This coffee had gained the increased popularity. It is made from espresso and steamed milk. It is good for those who don’t like the full taste of coffee. You should try this one.


This coffee is for those who like the sweet taste of everything. It is made with espresso, chocolate syrup or melted chocolate and with steamed milk. The coffee for people who like to blend coffee with chocolate.


The most concentrated coffee you could buy. It has a taste that is a bit sour, but some people like that. It is the strongest coffee you can find. It is usually the cheapest one because it is served in small cups.


This type of coffee is made with espresso and with steamed milk. The idea is to have more coffee than milk. One-third should be milk, and the rest should be coffee. A classic that everyone likes.


This is a coffee which is the most popular in all parts of the world. It is made with espresso and steamed milk, and it has a thick foam. People who like this foam will usually drink this type of coffee because the feeling is the best.

Red eye

Shot of espresso with drip coffee. Also a very popular type of coffee.

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